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Victor Vargas

  Victor Vargas is the head coach at OKC Barbell. He’s originally from Zacatecas, Mexico and has been an Okie since the age of 5. His daytime job is being the supervisor for the interpretation/translation department at the Oklahoma State Department of Health and is married to Cecilia Vargas.

       Coach Vic currently attains a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology-Exercise Science, USAW-L1, and ASCM Exercise Physiologist certification. He started out by doing and coaching CrossFit between 2013-2015 and then switched to the sport of weightlifting afterwards. He joined OKC Barbell in 2015 and has never left since. While in his undergrad, he would work, train, and eventually intern under Dr. Miller which led to him coaching Olympic weightlifting. Coach Vic has now been coaching Olympic weightlifting since 2016 and has a personal training background. He was a personal trainer at Lifetime Athletic while training individuals in all different ages/skill level and helped start an Olympic weightlifting class at Lifetime with Coach Jason Frimpong. Coach Vic strives in to put all his passion and effort towards his team here at OKC Barbell and will make sure you have fun while doing it.


What is the barbell club?

We now offer Barbell Club! Homebase members receive a special discount on personal programming and group coaching for the Olympic lifts the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Homebase members also receive a free “Intro to Barbell” on Saturday mornings to learn the basics and become more comfortable and versed in the Olympic lifts that are a foundational part to Crossfit training. There are also barbell club only membership options.