Derek McElroy

Owner/Head coach

Derek McElroy

Owner/Head coach


Derek is a disabled former combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom 1. In 2015 Derek was moved to continue servicing the Oklahoma City community through his passion to promote healthy fitness and lifestyle practices. Derek’s goal is to equip every HomeBase athlete with the guidance and education that promotes virtuosity, longevity, through committed consistency.

Derek delivers that through his own knowledge and abilities, more so through developmenting an entire HomeBase Coaching Staff ready to assist athletes to make a long term commitment to their fitness and health. The HomeBase Staff is a passionate, educated staff that isn’t coaching for hobby or convenience. Derek has established a standard of development that each qualified professional on the HomeBase Staff is more than ready to deliver to it’s athletes.

Derek’s experience and penchant to share his progress and development with those he cares about speak in the HomeBase Standard he established since 2015:

  • 3000+ hours of CrossFit coaching

  • 250+ Athletes of all Levels of Fitness (Beginners to the Fittest 35+ Male in OK 2017)

  • 150+ Athletes in 25+ Competitions

  • 300+ Athletes in the CrossFit Open

  • Created, Hosted, & Programs for 2 of Oklahoma’s Largest CrossFit Competitions

  • 25+ Coaches have attended/completed CF-L1 Course & developed through his guidance.

In his free time Derek spends time with members of the HomeBase Army playing outdoor sports, attending Thunder, Sooner, & Dodger games, and playing bingo at HomeBase’s “watering hole” The Garage on Britton. When he’s not with the HomeBase family it is possible you can catch him at the State Capitol advocating for improved access to care for mental health & substance abuse.


  • M.S. in Nonprofit Leadership
  • B.S. in Business Administration
  • CF-L2
  • CF-L1
  • CF Aerobic Capacity
  • CF Running
  • CF Anatomy